How to add watermarks to documents

In this video learn how to add watermarks, logos and timestamps to multiple documents.

Watch this video to see how to configure the workflow for adding watermarks to your documents. A watermark may contain text and variables. Here you can modify the text, color, rotation, position on the page and more details.

Variables can include barcode, document type, timestamp, date, etc. As you modify your watermark, you can see an example on the right hand panel updating in real-time. Once your watermark is set up to your preferances, choose on which pages the watermark should appear. Options include all pages, first page, or you can configure to do all pages with exceptions. Add your logo in just a few clicks.

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    Dear ABBYY,

    If I simply open a PDF document, or convert a text document to a PDF format, I cannot apply a watermark anywhere like an image or logo. This is very frustrating as this is possible with the Abobe package.

    I also do not understand why in 2021 this is still not integrated in the ABBYY FineReader version 15. The button watermark results in a pull-down menu with two options: add or remove. When selecting add, the program will display a popup window where you can only apply a textual watermark and no image or logo. Why? This is really annoying!

    Another solution is to add a picture with the button illustration. However, it is not possible in every PDF file to get this image or a logo behind the text with the option move to the background. In addition, it is laborious if you wish to treat multiple pages in this way because the image or logo cannot be placed in the same position without doing this manually and visually.

    Please improve this extra feature in your software.
    This adjustment seems like a small effort to me.
    Onno Koster


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