Release 6 build

Part # 1380/12, 1381/12, 1382/12, 1395/7
Release date: 04.09.2020

New features and improvements:

  • FineReader PDF Viewer, available for Individual users after the full-functional Trial is over, and for organizations as additional product licenses.
  • Split Documents tool for splitting PDF documents by file size, number of pages or first level bookmarks.
  • New document comparison languages: Greek and Chinese.
  • Improved speed for some PDF operations (adding pages from another PDF, flipping through pages in a PDF).
  • Open and save documents on SharePoint Online.

List of the bugs fixed:

  • Update installation bugs.
  • Validation of Comsign digital signatures.
  • Stylus input bugs.
  • Lists detection problems.
  • Various other program errors.

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