Slow page rendering in PDF files made with FineReader


There is a known issue with MRC compression and PreciseScan enabled where the resulting file size becomes smaller, but scrolling and viewing can be slow.


This issue occurs due to the technologies used in FineReader for image compression.


  1. Disable the PreciseScan or MRC compression options in Tools > Options > Image Settings > PDF.
  2. If after disabling them you still see a delay:
    • Go to Tools > Options > Format Settings > PDF > Image Quality > Custom...,
    • Select Quality loss not allowed and Resolution 150 or 300 dpi:


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    Ralf Eis.

    My PDFs created with FineReader 15 are awfully slow, even though MRC and PreciseScan are off.

    The only thing that helps is the second step: Set quality to "quality loss not allowed", but that of course produces file sizes beyond good and evil.

    So this thing is quite a show-stopper for me.

    Will there be a real solution ?

    Best regards


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