PDF Export Options in ABBYY Technologies

One of the most used features within ABBYY OCR SDKs is the ability to create searchable PDFs from scanned documents . ABBYY SDKs include the reature Searchable PDF Export since 2004 - with continous enhancements.

PDF Export Overview

Different Text/Image Options
  • Image only = PDF is not searchable
  • Text only = PDF is searchable, text will be positioned where it was on the original. Detected images are added as well.
  • Text under image/Text over image: The image will be placed on top or below the recognized text => the PDF is searchable

Example of the user interface in ABBYY FineReader Server (the SDKs offer the same features via Export API):


  • Metadata export - Via the API, it is possible to add/extend the meta data within the PDF. ABBYY FineReader Engine enables metadata exporting (bookmarks, hyperlinks, cross-references, etc.).
  • Output in Tagged PDF format – tagged PDF can be “re-flowed” to fit different page or screen sizes. Ideal for use with smartphones or screen readers typically used by visually impaired users.
  • Page size - Ability to set the size for all pages of an output file during PDF conversion.
  • Links in PDF files – Re-creates hyperlinks within a PDF file.
  • PDF/A export – Conversion to PDF/A format which is recommended as a standard for long-term preservation of page-oriented documents. more on PDF/A
  • CJK to PDF export – Enables conversion of documents in Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Japanese and Korean into PDF format.
  • PDF(/A) MRC compression – Compressed PDF (PDF/A) files have a significantly reduced size with the original quality preserved. more on MRC
  • PDF security and encryption support:
    FineReader Engine supports a variety of PDF security settings, increasing its applicability for government agencies and other organizations demanding high security.
    • “Open File” password settings designed to prevent unauthorized access to a document.
    • Restriction of certain operations, such as printing, editing or extracting file content, by assigning permission passwords.
    • Support for the latest encryption standards.


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