What are predefined processing profiles, and what is their role in the development process


What are predefined processing profiles, and what is their role in the development process?


Once document pages are loaded, FineReader Engine 12 offer a variety of image preprocessing options which allow predefined processing profiles are code samples, that can be used to speed the own development. The processing profiles contain processing options that are optimized for individual processing scenarios - offering different pre-set options for each scenario.

Predefined processing profiles for faster development

Processing profiles can be used to speed up the own development. FineReader Engine 12 is a comprehensive SDK with:

  • more than 3,000 API calls, objects and parameters
  • extensive help file containing over 700 pages
  • 100+ essential parameters for opening, pre-processing, analysis, recognition and exporting of a document

Using the predefined processing profiles allows implementing optimized parameters for specific (most common) processing scenarios.

The following processing profiles are available:

  • Document/book conversion for archiving (in 2 modes: speed & accuracy)
  • Document conversion for content reuse (in 2 modes: speed & accuracy)
  • Ground text extraction for fields detection and document classification (in 2 modes: speed & accuracy)
  • Field level recognition
  • Barcode recognition (in 2 modes: speed & accuracy)
  • High Compressed Image Only PDF — for creating high-compressed PDF files which contain entire documents saved as pictures.
  • Business Cards Processing — for recognizing business cards
  • Machine Readable Zone — Suitable for extracting data from a machine-readable zone (MRZ).
  • Engineering Drawings Processing — for recognizing technical drawings, with text arranged in different directions
  • Backward compatibility

Simple to use:

static void Main()
          // Loading ABBYY FineReader Engine (InitializeEngine)
          // Possible profile names are:
          //   "DocumentConversion_Accuracy", "DocumentConversion_Speed",
          //   "DocumentArchiving_Accuracy", "DocumentArchiving_Speed",
          //   "BookArchiving_Accuracy", "BookArchiving_Speed",
          //   "TextExtraction_Accuracy", "TextExtraction_Speed",
          //   "FieldLevelRecognition",
          //   "BarcodeRecognition_Accuracy", "BarcodeRecognition_Speed",
          //   "HighCompressedImageOnlyPdf",
          //   "BusinessCardsProcessing",
// "MachineReadableZone", // "EngineeringDrawingsProcessing", // "Version9Compatibility
" // Loading and preprocessing of images // Document recognition (IFRDocument::Process) // Document export (IFRDocument::Export) // Unloading FineReader Engine (DeinitializeEngine) }

Learn more in this video (valid for FineReader Engine 11 as well as newer versions):


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