How to add only OCR to a document in FineReader PDF 15

To add only a text layer to a document and exclude the preprocessing of its image, recognize a document in the PDF-Editor and save it as described below: 

  1. On the New Task screen, click the Open tab > click Open PDF Document > select your document;
  2. In the PDF-Editor click the Recognize button on the toolbar > Recognize Document... or press Ctrl+Shift+R;
  3. Specify the OCR-languages of your document;
    If needed, here you can also enable some options of image preprocessing, such as Correct page orientation and Deskew images and correct image resolution
  4. Click Recognize button;
  5. After a text layer has been added, save the document by clicking mceclip1.pngbutton or Save As > PDF Document (Ctrl+Schift+S):

You will get a searchable PDF, in which you can search, select, and copy text.

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