Troubleshooting Guide for ABBYY FlexiCapture 12


This article describes common issues with ABBYY FlexiCapture 12. Using the provided links for each topic you can find instructions on how to diagnose each specific case. 

Common Issues

  1. Installation problems. Some common problems that may cause errors during installation:
    • System requirements are not met.
    • The IIS server is not installed.
    • Insufficient hard drive space.
    • Insufficient permissions for installing to the specified directory.
  2. Integration problems. This section offers solutions to problems that may potentially arise when importing/exporting data and connecting to the database:
  3. Component compatibility problems. This section describes possible component compatibility problems that may arise between the Licensing Server, the Processing Server, and the User Stations, as well as problems with setting up Single Sign-On (SSO), problems with the encrypted connection to the Application Server (i.e. HTTPS settings), etc:
  4. Document processing problems. This section offers solutions to problems that may arise with workflows, script customization, project settings (including Document Definitions, export paths, and data sets), when implementing business logic via rules and scripts, etc:
  5. Logging and other tools:

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