OCR Recognition Modes in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Modes that can be used in ABBYY FineReader Engine: Accurate or Normal Mode

Per default, ABBYY FineReader Engines uses, the “normal” recognition mode:
  • This mode is the most accurate as it uses all available character recognition technologies provided by ABBYY technology.
  • The speed of the recognition process depends on the image quality.
  • This mode is recomended for recognition of images in standard quality. If you need to process bad quality images, it is recommended to turn on the “Low Resolution Mode”


Fast OCR Mode

  • This mode provides 2-2.5 times higher recognition speed - however the error rate will moderately increase (1.5-2 times more errors).
  • In the case of a hand-printed text (text type TT_Handprinted), a special recognition mode is used.
  • On good print quality texts, recognition makes an average of 1-2 errors per page, and such moderate increase in error rate can be easily tolerated in many cases, such as full text indexing with “fuzzy” searches, preliminary recognition, etc.
  • FineReader Engine 10 image prepossessing and binarisation got massive improvements. Due to the better image quality that is delivered by the enhanced image pre-processing the fast mode could also be re-adjusted and made dramatically faster.


Results are based on ABBYY internal tests, they will vary with different document sets, different OCR language and the hardware that was used for processing

Note: ABBYY does not recommend using the fast mode to recognize small image fragments (for example, fragments which consist of only one line or word) because the time advantage will be insignificant.

Balanced OCR Mode

  • The balanced mode is an intermediate mode between full and fast mode recognition.
  • The fast mode can be activated with the help of the FastMode property.
  • This property is available for machine-printed texts only, for hand-printed texts the recognition will be run in full mode.

Low Resolution Mode


  • New special processing mode was introduced already in ABBYY FineReader Engine 10.
  • Additional classifier were trained on low resolution scans and faxes
  • About 20% more accurate for
    • low resolution scans
    • About 5% - for other documents
    • But about 10% slower than Normal mode


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