deleteTask Method

The method deletes the task and the images associated with this task from the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK storage. Only the tasks that have the status other than InProgress or Deleted can be deleted.

Customize the following request URL according to your application processing location:


If you try to delete the task that has already been deleted, the successful response is returned.

If you submit the same image to different tasks, to delete the image from the Cloud OCR SDK storage, you will need to call the deleteTask method for each task, which contains the image.


Parameter Is required Default value Description
taskId Yes No Specifies the identifier of the task. If the task with the specified identifier does not exist, an error is returned.

Status codes and response format

General status codes and response format of the method are described in HTTP Status Codes and Response Formats.

The following status codes can be returned when this method is called:

Code Description
200 Successful method call.
450 Incorrect parameters have been passed. One of the following errors occurred:
  • The identifier of the task has not been specified.
  • There is no task with the specified identifier.
  • The task is in progress.

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