listFinishedTasks Method

The method returns the list of finished tasks. A task is finished if it has one of the following statuses: Completed, ProcessingFailed, NotEnoughCredits.

Customize the following request URL according to your application processing location:


The tasks are ordered by the time of the end of processing. No more than 100 tasks can be returned at one method call. To obtain more tasks, delete some finished tasks using the deleteTask method and then call the listFinishedTasks method again.

The method may be useful if you work with a large number of tasks simultaneously. But there is no sense in calling this method if your application does not have any incomplete tasks sent for the processing.

Please note that the task status is not changed momentarily. Do not call this method more frequently than once in 2 or 3 seconds.


This method has no parameters.

Status codes and response format

General status codes and response format of the method are described in HTTP Status Codes and Response Formats.

The following status codes can be returned when this method is called:

Code Description
200 Successful method call.

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