Data processing location

Data processing in ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK can be performed in different regions. You can choose the appropriate processing location and bind your application to it. The binding of the application and its processing location is permanent. In order to process data in another region you should create a new application. You can find the "+ Add new application" button on the Dashboard tab of your ABBYY OCR SDK Console.

Please note that the connection of your application to the processing location is specified manually during application creation. Automatic binding to a processing location according to your geolocation is not supported.

The HTTP server URL address, used for API calls, varies depending on the data processing location. The table below contains regions provided for data processing and corresponding URL strings.

Processing location Country URL
European Union Netherlands
United States of America United States of America


Although URL is still supported, it is deprecated and will be removed in future. It is highly recommended to use one of the URLs that correspond to a concrete processing location.

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