Supported OCR Text/Print Types

ABBYY OCR technology for printed text is available for more than 200 languages, including:

  • European languages (Latin, Cyrillic, Armenian, Greek alphabets)
  • Asian & Middle East languages (Chinese Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi
  • Gothic languages — an OCR module designed specifically for digitizing and archiving old documents, books and newspapers published in the 19th century.

ABBYY OCR technology is an “omni-font” technology that supports recognition of text provide in many different fonts.

To receive fast and high- quality OCR results, the OCR Engine should receive information about font types used in the documents.

ABBYY products support following printed text types:

  • Normal - a common typographic type of text, such as Arial, Times New Roman or Courier.
  • Typewriter - text typed on a typewriter


  • Matrix - text printed on a dot-matrix printer.


  • Gothic - text printed with the Gothic type and used for Gothic recognition.


  • Index - a special set of characters including only digits written in ZIP-code style.


  • OCR_A - A monospaced font designed specifically for OCR. It is largely used by banks, credit card companies and similar institutions.


  • OCR_B - A font designed specifically for OCR.


  • MICR_E13B - special numeric characters printed in magnetic ink. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) characters are found in a variety of places, including personal checks.


  • MICR_CMC7 - Special MICR barcode font (CMC-7) used on the bank checks.


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