The changes for users' roles are not saved in Administration and Monitoring Console


After applying the changes for users' roles, they are still not shown in Administration and Monitoring Console.


Standard roles are absent in dbo.Role


Add roles manually:

  1. Specify the correct ProjectId number into the script, you can find it in the dbo.Project:
    Script to insert :

    INSERT INTO dbo.Role
      ( Type,    Name,    ProjectId,    Attributes)
    ('1','Scanning Operator','Your project ID','210432'),
    ('2','Data Verification Operator','Your project ID','4096'),
    ('3','Verification Operator','Your project ID','211968'),
    ('6','Senior Verification Operator','Your project ID','4144896'),
    ('7','Processing Server','Your project ID','590080'),
    ('8','Project Settings Editor','Your project ID','16129'),
    ('9','Monitoring Operator','Your project ID','1'),
    ('10','Administrator','Your project ID','3096321'),
    ('11','Processing Station','Your project ID','1'),
    ('12','User station Operator','Your project ID','0'),
    ('13','Web Capture Operator','Your project ID','474896')

As this action is a direct impact on the database, it's highly recommended to check it on the test environment previously.

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