processBarcodeField Method

The method allows you to extract the value of a barcode on an image. The method loads the image, creates a processing task for the image with the specified parameters, and passes the task for processing.

Customize the following request URL according to your application processing location:


The image file is transmitted in the request body. See the list of supported input formats.

barcodeRecognition profile is used for processing.

The result of recognition is returned in XML format. Binary data is returned in Base64 encoding.

See How to Recognize Barcodes to know another way of barcode recognition.

For details on task cost please see billing terms.


Parameter Is required Default value Description
region No "-1,-1,-1,-1" Specifies the region of the text field on the image. The coordinates of the region are measured in pixels relative to the left top corner of the image and are specified in the following order: left, top, right, bottom. By default, the region of the whole image is used.
barcodeType No "autodetect" Specifies the type of the barcode. This parameter may also contain several barcode types separated with commas, for example "code39,code93". The following values can be used:
  • autodetect
  • patch
  • code39
  • code93
  • code128
  • ucc128
  • interleaved25
  • industrial25
  • iata25
  • matrix25
  • ean8
  • ean13
  • codabar
  • upca
  • upce
  • postNet
  • aztec
  • dataMatrix
  • pdf417
  • qrCode

See the description of barcode types for details.

containsBinaryData No "false" This parameter makes sense only for PDF417 and Aztec barcodes, which encode some binary data. If this parameter is set to true, the binary data encoded in a barcode are saved as a sequence of hexadecimal values for corresponding bytes.
description No "" Contains the description of the processing task. Must contain no more that 255 characters.
pdfPassword No "" Contains a password for accessing password-protected images in PDF format.

Status codes and response format

General status codes and response format of the method are described in HTTP Status Codes and Response Formats.

Output file format

The output XML file has the following format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<document xmlns="@link" xmlns:xsi="@link" xsi:schemaLocation="@link" version="1.0">
    <field left="0" top="0" right="199" bottom="100" type="barcode">
        <value encoding="Base64">b783JHk48Njkdn27849</value>

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