Authentication of a mobile application

The API described in this section is for testing purposes only. Its parameters, functionality and availability are not guaranteed in future.

Mobile applications are usually distributed via applications stores. For such applications a special way of authentication on Cloud OCR SDK server is useful.

After you install a mobile application on a device and before using OCR functionality, you should activate this installation.

To activate the installation on a mobile device, call the activateNewInstallation method. After a successful call to this method the response from server will contain the Installation ID. You should add this Installation ID to the Application ID for authentication when calling any of the processing methods. Application Password is the same for all Installation IDs of one Application ID.

C# sample

// Create a Web request using location-based URL and 
// setup it with the Application ID, Installation ID, and Application Password.
// Use the correct values instead of <PROCESSING_LOCATION_ID>, <ApplicationID>, <InstallationID>, <ApplicationPassword>
static void runMain()
    String serverUrl =
    WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create( serverUrl );
    setupRequest( serverUrl, request );
static void setupRequest( string serverUrl, WebRequest request )
    CredentialCache cache = new CredentialCache();
    cache.Add( new Uri( serverUrl ), "Digest",
        new NetworkCredential( "<ApplicationID><InstallationID>", "<ApplicationPassword>" ) );
    request.Credentials = cache;
    request.Timeout = 300 * 1000;
    // The Application ID, Installation ID, and Application Password are base64 encoded.
    request.Headers.Add( "Authorization",
        "Basic: " + encodeUserPass( "<ApplicationID><InstallationID>", "<ApplicationPassword>" ) );

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