Processing profiles

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK provides a set of processing profiles which are designed for the main usage scenarios. Choose the profile which fits your situation, because selecting the wrong profile can significantly reduce processing quality. See the table for a description of available processing profiles:

Profile Description
documentConversion Suitable for converting documents into an editable format such as RTF or DOCX. This profile is focused on retaining the original document structure and appearance, including font styles, pictures, background color, etc.

Suitable for creating a digital archive of searchable documents. This profile is not intended for converting documents into an editable format. It is best optimized for creating searchable PDFs (with the recognized text saved under the image). All possible text is found and recognized on the input image, including text embedded into pictures.


Suitable for extracting all text from the input image, including small text areas of low quality. The document appearance and structure are ignored, pictures and tables are not detected.

This profile is not intended for converting documents into an editable format. It is designed for the situations when you need to retrieve the data from the image for some further processing on your side, such as extracting data from bills, receipts or invoices for use in accounting systems. Consider using XML export format, which allows you to access the recognized text coordinates.
barcodeRecognition Suitable for barcode extraction. Extracts only barcodes (texts, pictures, or tables are not detected). See the list of supported barcode types.

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