ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 8

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 8

  • Release date: 03 October 2016 (public release)
  • Part #: 1041/104
  • Build #:

PDF Enhancements

  • Extended method of injecting text into PDF

The extended method allows to deskew and correct orientation of scanned PDFs during the process of injecting the text layer into them. When processing a batch of PDFs containing both scanned and digitally born PDF documents, all scanned PDF images can be automatically extended by a text layer and turned into searchable PDF files – even documents that were scanned incorrectly.

When an “image only” or an “image over text” PDF file is processed, this method creates a searchable PDF file with original page image and the invisible text layer created from the recognized text of the scanned document. If the input file already contains a text layer, it will be replaced.

  • Extension of method for detecting text layer in PDFs
The method for detecting text layer in PDFs has been extended. In the past the method accepted only a string for the first parameter 'FileName'. Now it is possible to pass a byte array for the 'FileName' as well. The extension of the method is useful when working with PDFs imported from memory stream. The availability of the text layer can now be checked without the need to write the stream into a temporary file - this increases the overall processing speed.

Ability to exclude BOM during export to TXT

New export option allows specifying, whether the byte order mark (BOM) should appear at the start of the text stream, when the document is exported to TXT format in UTF-8 encoding. This saves Java developers from programming workarounds for discarding the BOM characters at the beginning of the file.

Improved readability of exported XML data for users

The default value of paragraph style names are now automatically generated according to the paragraphs’ role and modifications, which were applied to the style. This improves the readability of XML-based text and simplifies work for operators or system administrators. To increase flexibility, users can also set a paragraph style name manually.

Ability to rasterize FreeText annotations

When processing PDF documents that contain Text Box annotations and exporting them to PDF, it is now possible to retain all information from annotations in FreeText type in PDF.

Faster PDF printing when using MRC compression [Technical preview]

A new option in the set of MRC correction parameters allows to tune Mixed Raster Content parameters for PDF export. This increases the PDF printing speed.
(At the moment, the feature is implemented as a technical preview.)

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