Backup Network License Manager in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Network Licenses

Network licenses are located on the license server and passed onto individual workstations within a network. The individual worksations within one network perform the document processing tasks.

Why Backup License Manager

While performing OCR within a network, the possible failure of the license server would stop the processing on all workstations. In a productive environment, such situation could become critical.

To avoid this, ABBYY FineReader Engine (starting from version11 release 4) provides the possibility to set-up a fail-proof Backup Network License Manager.

How it works

Two-server configuration:

The Main Network License Manager and the Backup Network License Manager act as a backup for each other. In the case, the Main Network License Manager loses the network connection, the Backup Network License Manager takes over the tasks.




Regular synchronization

While using the license, the workstations will interact with the Main Network License Server, sending the license parameters and usage statistics. The Main Network License Server will regularly synchronize this data with the Backup Network License Server.

In case the Main Network License Server fails or stops responding, the Backup Network License Server takes over the license management tasks and continues to store information coming from the workstations. When the Main Network License Server starts working again, the license data is synchronized with the Backu Network License Server - the Main Network License Server starts again managing the licenses.

If the Backup Network License Server fails while the Main Network License Server is running, the system will continue to work as if there is only one license server. When the Backup Network License Server is restored, it will be synchronized with the Main Network License Server and start function in its backup role again.

How to set up

In order the license servers can be used for redundancy purpose, a Network Runtime License with  special redundancy parameters has to be activated on both license servers.

For the correct communication between the workstations and the license servers, the LicensingSettings.xml files have to be set-up accordingly.

For more details on the LicensingSettings.xml files configuration, please refer to the help file of FineReader Engine.

If you would like to use FineReader Engine with the Backup Network License Server please contact us.

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  • Avatar
    Javier Sucunza

    I am trying to configure a backup server with redundancy, and I already have the XML's ready. My question is if we have to:

    1.- restart services on the main server and backup server.

    2.- update licenses in main server and backup.

    or just changing XML's in bought servers is enough.

    Tanks in advance.




  • Avatar
    Viacheslav Prodan

    Dear Javier.

    I have created a request on your behalf so that our customer support staff can help you.


    Best regards,

    Viacheslav Prodan


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