ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Linux - Release 8 Update 4

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Linux - Release 8 Update 4

  • Release Date: 02.November 2018
  • Part#: 1155/41
  • Build:


Ability to update and deactivate license using command line scripts

In highly secured environments, software management is often performed with command line scripts. To comply with this need, ABBYY FineReader Engine can now be updated or deactivated via scipts. The License Manager utility now supports following command line parameters:
  • –deactivate=<serial number>: deactivates the license corresponding to the specified serial number
  • –update=<serial number>: updates the license with the given serial number

New samples demonstrating processing images stored in memory

Two new C++ samples can be used for:

  • demonstration of the basic document processing with the SAFEARRAY type usage
  • processing of images stored in memory

Ability to detect and recognize different text types inside one page

Some documents contain several text types inside one page (for example bank receipts can contain 'Normal' and 'MICR' text type within one page). ABBYY FineReader Engine will detect text types for each block in the page independently which will lead to better recognition results.

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