Faster export of multi-page PDFs in ABBYY FineReader Engine

Specific API for export of large PDF documents

Converting large multi-page documents with several hundred pages into searchable PDF might become a resource-intensive task. If the processing PC or server infrastructure does not provide sufficient resources, this task might take a long time.

To better support applications that convert documents with many pages, ABBYY FineReader Engine offers  a specific export API, which was designed for large multi-page document conversion into searchable PDFs. (This API was introduced in ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 Release 6).

This API offers the ExportFileWriter object that extends the standard export functionality: In addition to saving the recognized data into PDF simultaneously, the data as welll can be saved in portions.

Benefits of the faster PDF export mode

  • Using the new object can significantly increase the speed of the export step, thus increasing the overall processing speed.
  • The export step requires less RAM resources.
  • Convenient error handling: In case of 'only' simultaneous export, a single error may cause failure of the whole export stage. When processing a large number of pages, re-starting of export can take significant time. Using the new functionality, the errors can be detected and handled inside small portions and the export step can be finished faster - even with issues occuring during the processing.
  • With very large documents (500 pages or more), the export step is almost 4 times faster compared to the the standard simultaneous export with the FRDocument object.


 Note: The processor of the testing machine is Intel® Core™ i5-3450 (3.10 GHz, 4 physical cores), 8 GB of RAM, the number of simultaneously run processes is 4. During session export the documents were saved 30 pages at a time.


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