ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 3

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 3

  • Release date: 07 July 2014 (public release)
  • Part #: 1041/29


Ability to extract and to add attachments from PDF

This new ability allows accessing the files attached to a PDF by saving them on disk or into the global memory and provides access to the original file name, the description added by the author and the type of binding of the attachment (which defines a specific annotation which the attached file is associated with). It is as well possible to add the extracted attachements to the output PDF file during export or attach own files to the output PDF file during export. In addition to other scenarios, this new functionality allows to process and create invoices according to the German ZUGFeRD standard.


Ability to display PDF layers in PDF Viewers

A new property manages the availability of PDF layers in the output PDF file and allows some PDF viewers such Adobe Acrobat to display PDF layers of MRC compressed PDFs. This property is only taken into account for image-only and image-on-text PDF files. 


New method for removing color objects in a document

For documents with black text and white background that as well contain colored elements such as stamps or notes and that do not require recognition, this method allows to remove such elements prior to the recognition step (such increaseing the processing speed)  and add them back during the synthesis step to the recognized output document. The method as well allows saving a separate image containing only the extracted objects.

New advanced language detection mode

The language detection was significantly improved and now it can be turned on automatically. This new language detection mode improves the speed a recognition accuracy for documents containing languages that might not be known in advance.

Advanced method for checking if a page should be considered 'empty'

A new method allows to specify additional parameters in order to detect a page that should be considered 'empty'. Even if a page contains some letters, black areas or dots, it can still be considered 'empty'. With the new methods, it is now possible:

  • to define the number of letters and text objects that a page can contain and still be considered empty.
  • to set maximum percentage of a blac space and to specify if the page must be searched for barcodes.
  • to set the page rectangle, so that any garbage on the margins does not affect the result.

Parallel export to PDF and to PPTX

Export of multi-page documents to PDF and to PPTX can be performed in parallel mode. This feature increases the processing speed of multi-page documents in parallel processing scenarios.

Skew correction during the pre-processing stage

Now it is possible correct skew at hte pre-processing stage instead of during the image opening stage.

New property to fill areas added after skew correction

This new propert allows to determin the color of the areas that were added after the image was deskewed. If it is not used, the color is determined by ABBYY FineReader Engine automatically.


Ability to export TIFF files with one strip

As some archive writers do not support TIFF files with several strips, the ABBYY FineReader Engine now support the ability to produce TIFF files composed of one strip.

Ability to specify font families from the input PDF during the document synthesis

With the new option, the document synthesis algorithm use font families the names of which are specified in the resources of the input PDF file (the fonts themselves are not extracted from the PDF file; they need to be installed on the workstation to be used).

New method for document analysis of PDF files.

Now, in the new CRM_ContentOnly mode the image is not rasterized for recognition as it was in the past, but all information about text layer, images, separators, etc. is taken directly from the PDF. This mode is designed for PDF that contain not only raster elements. This helps to preserve the original layout of the source document and improve the quality of the output picture. This feature is particularly useful for conversion from PDF to formats of MS Office.

Deactivation in silent mode

Now it is possible to deactivate licenses in silent mode via the License Manager.

Protection Update

Support for Wibu-Systems dongle



Important Note: There are API Changes in Release 3 comparing to Release 2

IRecognizerParams.DetectLanguage property is marked as deprecated.
New property IRecognizerParams::LanguageDetectionMode is now used instead of IRecognizerParams::DetectLanguage.
For purposes of compatibility, the new property value is changed whenever you change the DetectLanguage property: if you change it to TRUE, the property is set to TSPV_Yes, if you change it to FALSE, this property is changed to TSPV_No.


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