ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Linux - Release 6

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Linux - Release 6

  • Release date: 25 December 2015 (public release)
  • Part #: 1155/19
  • Build #:
  • FineReader Engine 11 Linux - Release 6 (available since 25.12.2015)

New export approach for large multi-page document conversion to searchable PDFs

The new export mode is almost 4 times faster as the default export method. It requires less RAM resources, makes the error handling more convenient and preservers losing all exported data in case of export error. Read more >

Smaller output PDF file size with pages of mixed colors

In combination with te existing API for individual compression selection, the PDF exporting API allows now to reduce the file size of the exported PDF with mixed colors.

More accurate results for the predefined Barcode Recognition profile

The predefined BarcodeRecognition_Accuracy profile provides more accurate results. The recognition accuracy of some barcodes has increased even by 20%.

Ability to process single-page documents from memory in batch mode

A new API allows processing of single-page documents stored in memory in batch mode and allows to comply to strict security standards as well as to increase the processing speed.

Enhanced processing of texts with different directions

Updated properties for capturing the location of word’s characters now provide more accurate results for both right-­to-­left and left-­to-right writing languages.

OCR improvements for Japanese, Arabic, Thai and Farsi

The improvements result in overall better recognition accuracy for these langauages.

Possibility to implement own interface for managing the parallel processing

The developer has now the possibility to implement own logic for managing the parallel processing work and reporting errors which occurred during the processing.

Warnings are connected to particular pages

Now the warnings contain the page index information, which is useful in error-handling process.

Parallel multi-page image opening

ABBYY FineReader Engine can now distribute opening of multi-page documents to CPU cores. New functionality brings up to 2 times speed-up for image opening step in 2 and 4 core configurations.

Exporting to ALTO up to version 3.0

Now it is possible to export OCR data into ALTO format according to the following ALTO standard versions: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0.

Ability to save memory - by disposing information about coordinates on the original image

If there is no need to keep the information about pixel coordinates on the original image, storage of this information can be turned off thus saving storage and memory space.

Extended Crop function - for greyscale and black & white images

In addition to color images, the Crop function now supports greyscale and black & white images,

Enhanced algorithm for detection of paper size

The FineReader Engine is able to detect paper boundaries on a scan automatically. To prevent mistakes when a large picture would be mistaken for a dark background, the host application may now advise the FineReader Engine to limit the scanning shadow detector.

Visual quality improvement of exported PDFs with MRC compression

All predefined MRC modes (MinSize, MaxQuality, Balanced, MaxSpeed) have been improved in regard to visual quality.

New method for obtaining recognized word region

With help of a new property for obtaining region of the recognized word, a word-bounding region can be easily obtained and can be used, for example for highlighting the word in the GUI.

New Java wrapper functions for loading Engine

Java wrapper contains new Engine loading functions, which are capable to throw exceptions instead of logging them.

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