ABBYY FineReader Engine and Wibu-Systems Protection

Starting with the Release 3 of the FineReader Engine 11 (Windows and Linux), Wibu-Systems CmStick is supported next to old iKey dongles.

Advantages of the Wibu-Systems CmStick:

  • Usage based on USB protocol
  • One CmStick may store multiple product licenses obtained from the same or different software manufacturers.
  • The firmware can be updated to equip old devices with new functions
  • Activation of the license can be easily performed by the customer via the License Manager utility of the FineReader Engine 11
The CodeMeter® Runtime Library is already included into the distributive of the FineReader Engine 11. It can be also downloaded from the official Website of the Wibu-Systems. Wibu-Systems does not restrict the distribution of that runtime library, which may be included as a library directly into the product or as a merge module in the product’s installer.
Further information on Wibu-Systems products and technology you can find here:

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 - Release 3 and higher

The use of Wibu-Systems’ CmDongles is supported in ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows and Linux since Release 3 and is as of now the standard hardware protection key. As the CodeMeter runtime library is already included in the ABBYY FineReader Engine 11, the licence can be easily activated via the ABBYY Licence Manager. If you already use another type of CmDongle from Wibu-Systems, please check below for its compatibility with ABBYY FineReader Engine 11. If the dongle is listed, it can be used as a hardware key. In this case you do not need to order the CmStick from us and can use your own CmDongle, into which you insert the appropriate serial number and activate it yourself. Release 3 and higher support both CmSticks and iKeys. On request the iKey licence key can still be delivered (as long as supplies last).

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 - Release 2 and lower

Release 2 and lower of ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 support only iKeys. Customers needing licences for older versions will continue to receive iKey dongles as hardware protection. As the availability of iKey dongles might be restrained in the future, we recommend upgrading to Release 3 to ensure compatibility with CmDongles and thus availability of hardware protection keys. If you have a Software Maintenance contract in place, you will receive the new release free of any additional charge.

About Wibu-Systems

Wibu-Systems is one of the leading suppliers in the area of Digital Rights Management that provides many types of hardware protection options. This renowned international company with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany offers security solution, protection and digital rights distribution systems to many types of companies operating in the IT and media industries. Detailed information about CodeMeter can be found at

List of Wibu-Systems CmDongles which are compatible with ABBYY FineReader Engine 11

  • ABBYY FineReader 11 for Windows and Linux starting form Release 3 (End of 2014)
  • ABBYY licensing requires dongles with 32-bit counters. The compatible dongles are listed in the table below:
Item Range Name Description Firmware
1001-02-100 CmStick Silver USB CodeMeter dongle in plastic casing, no memory 2.00
1001-02-130 CmStick ME Metal USB CodeMeter dongle in metal casing, no memory 2.00
1001-02-160 CmStick/C Basic Turquoise CmStick/C dongle 2.00
1001-02-200 CmStick/T Silver, Battery buffered RTC USB CodeMeter dongle in plastic casing with real-time clock 2.00
1001-02-230 CmStick/T ME Metal, Battery buffered RTC USB CodeMeter dongle in metal casing with real-time clock 2.00
1001-02-150 CmStick/I for internal 2×5 connector on mainboards CodeMeter/I USB dongle (no casing) 2.00
1011-02-131 CmStick/M 128MB ME Metal, SLC-Flash USB CodeMeter dongle in metal casing, 128 MB memory 2.00
1011-02-135 CmStick/M 2GB ME Metal, SLC-Flash USB CodeMeter dongle in metal casing, 2 GB memory 2.00.808
1011-02-136 CmStick/M 4GB ME Metal, SLC-Flash USB CodeMeter dongle in metal casing, 4 GB memory 2.00
1011-02-137 CmStick/M 8GB ME Metal, SLC-Flash USB CodeMeter dongle in metal casing, 8 GB memory 2.00
1040-02-104 CmCard/SD 1GB Black SD card CodeMeter dongle, 1 GB memory 1.18
1042-02-105 CmCard/CF 2GB Black CF card CodeMeter dongle, 2 GB memory 1.18


  • Can I use my own Wibu-Systems dongle?
    If a customer already has a Wibu-Systems CmDongle which is supported by FineReader Engine 11 for Windows and Linux (please check the table above), there is no need to purchase a new dongle from ABBYY. The customer can only request the appropriate serial number, which then can be activated on the dongle with help of FineReader Engine License Manager utility by the customer himself.
  • How to activate a FineReader Engine licence on the Wibu-Systems CmStick?
    For the licence activation on a Wibu-Systems CmStick the License Manager of FineReader Engine 11 and the CodeMeter runtime library are required. These components are included into FineReader Engine 11 distributive.
    The licence activation is carried out via the License Manager:
    • Start License Manager (Start → Programs → ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 → License Manager)
    • Plug Wibu-Systems CmStick into an USB-port of your machine
    • In the License Manager click the button “Activate License” and follow the activation wizard.
    • Check if the licence is displayed in the License Manager.
  • The update of the license is required after additional parameters have been enabled to your existing licence by ABBYY order department. The licence update is carried out then in the similar way as for license activation.
  • Can I replace my iKey with Wibu-Systems CmStick?
    Yes, it is possible, you need to ask your sales manager for replacement. But please be aware of:
    • Wibu-Systems CmStick has been supported starting from FineReader Engine 11 release 3 (Windows and Linux). If you have an older FineReader Engine version, you will need to upgrade it to FineReader Engine 11.

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