FineReader 12 Sprint for Mac and new Big Sur

FineReader Sprint for Mac does not fully support macOS Big Sur.

Known issues:

  • Working with areas: it is not possible to edit areas detected automatically and to draw an area manually.

FineReader 12 Sprint for Mac hasn't been tested on 64-bit ARM processors.

Please contact Support team if you have additional questions.

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  • Avatar

    Rick Meints

    When is the support for macOS Big Sur for Finereader expected to be ready? 

  • Avatar

    Stephen P Herman

    When will Scan Snap be ready for Big sur?


  • Avatar

    Alaistair Jerrom-Smith

    I've been trialing your product on Big Sur and we can't buy it or use it properly until this issue is sorted. It's a blocker for us unfortunately...



  • Avatar

    Oda Schwab

    Is the upgrade fully working? I don't want to pay and then not use it.


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