Captured fields

Below is a list of all fields that are extracted from invoices by default:

Group of fields Field name Export name Field description
Business unit Name BusinessUnitName Company name of the customer's business unit
Vendor Name VendorName Company name of the vendor
Invoice Header data Invoice Number InvoiceNumber Number of the invoice
Invoice Date InvoiceDate Invoice issue date
Total Total Total amount due
Currency Currency Total value currency
Invoice Type Invoice Type Indicates whether the document is an invoice or a credit note
Purchase Order Order Number PurchaseOrderNumber Number of the purchase order on an invoice. One invoice may contain several purchase order numbers
Line items Order Number LI_OrderNumber Number of the purchase order that contains this line item
OrderDate LI_OrderDate Date of issue if the purchase order that contains this line item
Description LI_Description Description of the line item
Position LI_Position Line item number
Article Number LI_ArticleNumber_Vendor Code of the item in the vendor's system
Article Number BU LI_ArticleNumber_BU Code of the item in the company business unit's system
Quantity LI_Quantity Item quantity
Unit Of Measurement LI_UnitOfMeasurement Item unit of measurement
Unit Price LI_UnitPrice Item price
Total Price Netto LI_Total Total amount due for the line item
Currency LI_Curency Currency used for the line item Total value

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