Field Level / Zonal Recognition (OCR,ICR)


What is Field Level or Zonal OCR?


Zonal OCR or Field Level recognition is a special recognition scenario where only small areas of text are recognized - and usually used in other applications. As the extracted information is used in further business processes, the quality of text recognition is very important. The “region of interest” of the relevant text is known in advance - and in this scenario there are typically only a few different document variants.

Difference between Document Conversion scenario and Field Level/Zonal OCR

  • In Field Level OCR scenarios the zones are defined via code/API.
  • As opposite to Field Level recognition, in the classic “document conversion” scenario the automated layout analysis is very important, because the text areas have to be determined first.

ABBYY SDKs - features for a good field level recognition implementation

To get the best text result, the image quality of the snippet has to be of highest possible quality. Following routines might be applied:
  • Auto-detection of page orientation
  • Image despeckling
  • Lines straightening
  • Removing motion blur and ISO noise from digital photos
  • OCR Voting API to provide the developer all details about the OCR result of a text
Since the ABBYY FineReader Engine 10, a Processing Profile FieldLevelRecognition is available with a pre-testet set of OCR engine settings that is opitmized for Zonal OCR

Zonal Recognition in ABBYY Products

  • If the position of the needed text is known in advance, you can use ABBYY FineReader Engine or the cloud service ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK - read more in  ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK BLOG Post.
  • If the position of the text is not known in advance, the ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK is recommended. This toolkit for document classification and data extraction provides FlexiLayout technology that offers a very flexible, sophisticated way to to find relevant data, even on multi-page documents.

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