How to retain naming when OCRing multiple files in FineReader?


When multiple files are opened in OCR Editor their names will not be preserved for saving converted copies.


If you need to OCR multiple files (with names 001.jpg 002.jpg, etc) and would like to retain the same naming for the converted copies (001.txt, 002.txt), please try the following steps:

  1. Select in the File manager (e.g. Windows Explorer) the files you are going to OCR;
  2. Right-click on the selection and choose Convert with ABBYY FineReader > Convert to <the format you want>;
  3. Check the options on the window appear and click convert;
  4. Choose the folder for saving and click Select folder.

Or you can do the same process in PDF Editor:

  1. Open PDF Editor (New task window);
  2. Select Convert to <format you need>;
  3. Select files you need to OCR (you can use standard mouse selection or hold Ctrl key):
  4. Click Open;
  5. Select the settings needed and convert files.

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