CodeMeter Vulnerability


CodeMeter Runtime is a third-party component that is installed together with FlexiCapture 12. It is required if you plan to use a license stored on a CodeMeter USB dongle manufactured by Wibu-Systems.

It is reported, that the security vulnerability is found in the CodeMeter of versions below 7.10. How can this vulnerability be avoided?


The following options to avoid this vulnerability are available:

Another option to handle the vulnerability is to disable CMWebAdmin and Codemeter Runtime Server services


For the clients that use WIBU dongle keys with a license file, update to the FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 4 (Build# or later versions of FlexiCapture.

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    Borys Rusanov

    Another option to handle vulnerability is to disable CMWebAdmin and Codemeter Runtime Server services


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