Server responds with error during document processing: Forbidden status code


Error when processing documents in Cloud OCR SDK:

Python: Error: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url

Java: Exception occured:Error getting server response

[Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.


This issue might occur if you are using an incorrect Data processing location for your application. 


In Cloud OCR SDK the connection of the application and its processing location is permanent, so to process data in another region create a new application.

Full information about applications is stored on the Dashboard tab in your account. Data processing location and the corresponding URL string for the request methods can be found in the description of the application.

Please make sure that the correct location is specified in the following part of the project ( e.g. Java ):

restClient = new Client();
  // replace with '' to enable secure connection
  // replace with '' if your application is created in US location
  restClient.serverUrl = "";
  restClient.applicationId = ClientSettings.APPLICATION_ID;
  restClient.password = ClientSettings.PASSWORD;​

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