Why Hot Folder task cannot be completed?


There can be enough pages in the license for processing the files in the Hot Folder application, but the task refuses to be completed. The following error appears in the log for the task:

The task was stopped because the page limit was reached.


This situation may be caused by the number of pages in the folder selected for processing. If the folder selected for the task has more pages than the number of pages to be processed in the license, the task will not be started and processed. For example, the task will not be processed if there is a 5000-page limit for processing in the Hot Folder and the selected input folder contains 5002 pages. 


As a solution, we recommend selecting the folder that contains fewer pages than the limitation for Hot Folder in the license. 

Additionally, please make sure that the Include all subfolders option is not active in the task if there is no need to process the documents from subfolders.

As another solution, please get in touch with our sales department to select the program that better suits the working scenario or the number of files for processing. 

Additional information

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