BCR for Android settings

In this article, we describe all the settings available in BCR for Android. 

ABBYY Account

If you want to get access to your business cards database from iOS, Android, or Web, activate synchronization in ABBYY Account:

  1. Click on ABBYY Account and log in or register by entering your Email address and creating a password;
  2. After authorization, two new options will appear in synchronization settings:
  • Enable - it allows to turn on/off synchronization on the current device. If you turn off synchronization, new business cards will not be added to the ABBYY Account. Thus, they will not be available on other devices.
  • Via cellular - if this option is turned off, then business cards are synchronizing only via Wi-Fi. If this option is turned on, then business cards are synchronized continuously, via cellular including.
  1. Check that synchronization is enabled.

If you want to access the business card database on other devices:

  1. Run ABBYY BCR;
  2. Go to Settings ABBYY Account
  3. Authorize using data from step 1 of the above instruction;
  4. Check that synchronization is enabled.

IMPORTANT! Synchronization is not the same as a backup (also available in BCR settings). Once you synchronize several devices, editing business cards on one of them will cause changes on other devices.

Video instruction is available here

You can read the information about restoring password from ABBYY Account in BCR for Android in this article


To export business cards to Salesforce, you should first activate Premium account for a month or a year.

IMPORTANT! BCR can export business cards to Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance Edition licenses. Salesforce Professional Edition does not support export from BCR. BCR exports business cards information only to Salesforce Lead. 

  1. After BCR Premium account activation, enter your login and password for your Salesforce account.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see BCR fields that you can export to Salesforce Lead fields. If you want to add some more information, you can do it by pressing “+” button.

Video instruction is available here

Recognition settings

Recognition languages

Go to this section to choose business cards recognition languages. 25 languages available. You can choose up to 3 languages at a time. English is chosen by default for correct Email addresses recognition.

Main settings

Use system camera

Turn on this function if you want to take pictures of business cards using a system camera.

Auto-capture cards

Turn on this function, if you want to auto-capture business cards.

Enhance images

Turn on this function if you want BCR to improve the brightness and contrast of photos automatically.

Save photos

Turn on this function if you want to save photos to the camera gallery.

Save to default account

Turn on this function to save business cards to the default account.

Default account

Turn on this function to choose the default account.

Save contacts to:

Go to this section to choose business cards storage places. Available options:

  • Always ask - if you turn on this option, BCR will always ask where to store scanned business card.
  • Application - scanned business cards will be stored only in BCR.
  • Application and address book - scanned business cards will be stored in BCR and Android Contacts.

Personal data

I agree that ABBYY will collect and process information about my use of ABBYY Products and my device to improve user experience from ABBYY Products.

Turn on this function to help us to improve Business Card Reader by sharing application usage data.

I agree to receive advertising messages from ABBYY and from third parties.

Turn on this function to receive advertising and marketing messages from ABBYY: email newsletters or push-notifications about new app features, promotions, and discounts.

Backup and restore

Backup contacts

Go to this section to create a backup of your business cards. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Restore contacts

Go to this section to restore contacts from backup.

You can read the information about creating a backup and restoring your data in this article

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