Timeline version 4.8.0

New features and improvements:

  • Dashboard:
    • Metric catalog is split into metrics and charts:
      • Metrics are reused in charts, side-by-side comparison and path-details modal
      • Charts are loaded faster as data is pre-calculated
    • Combination chart is added:
      • Different sets of data can be displayed on the same chart
    • Charts from other projects can be added to dashboard
    • In chart view mode, dimension filters can be applied to charts
    • In chart view mode, ‘show timelines’ button adds filters from metric, selected dimension and applied dimension filters
  • Repository:
    • ‘Delete column’ operation is supported
    • Operation ‘Derived field ‘ is extended with options ‘case’ statement
  • Calendar:
    • Day of week can be added to exceptions
    • Exceptions could be sorted by time
    • Warning is displayed if a exception is created that overlaps non-working days
  • Project horizon:
    • The user can set a time interval for the project. Events outside the interval are regularly deleted
  • Misc:
    • Width of left menu in repository (and in dashboards) is adjustable by the user
    • ‘Notes’ and ‘Tags’ can be added to project details
      • Project details are available for users with USER role
    • New project list in table form
    • Transfer ownership of repositories
    • Attribute type in project can be converted (string, number, boolean, date)
    • Project data export can be compressed
    • Chart recalculation can be invoked in a project from admin app
    • Users can choose columns to be imported from Salesforce
    • Added proper soap configuration panel to alert webhook – the user can choose between the old HTTP POST and the new SOAP webhooks
    • Forecast training can be stopped, as opposed to aborted, in which case the trained model is saved as is at that moment
    • Added license expiration emails for ACTIVE account – notification is sent 60, 30, 10, 5, 1 days before expiration and on the same day too
    • Users can configure a cost unit in the cost configuration modal, and it is used everywhere in the app (currently $ is wired in)
    • Breakdown updates:
      • Comparison column chart displays the first 1000 columns
      • Added an ‘Other’ tile representing the sum of rare values (not in top 100 values)
      • Added more descriptions about the values
    • Added automatic deletion of user data 30 days after license expiration
    • Added new EULA in all regions and make user accept ABBYY privacy and cookie policies

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • General stability improvements

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