Timeline version 4.7.0

New features:

  • Back Office Administration:
    • New ability to disable registration on on-line instances (and allow invitation only)
  • improved audit logs
    • new audit view in admin app
    • new audit log export in admin app
  • Enterprise security features:
    • SAML2 integration, tested with
      • Okta
      • Microsoft Windows ADFS
      • OneLogin
  • Distribution
    • new analysis module – works like the breakdown with but for numerical attributes
  • License management improvements and adjustments:
    • instead of removing users from an account, they can be suspended
      • suspended users cannot log in
      • suspended users do not count against the ‘number of users in account’ limit
    • projects of suspended users are accessible by any other user they are shared with
    • projects of suspended users can be managed from the account view
    • suspended users can be activated on the account view

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Back Office Administration:
    • Improved security

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