Timeline version 4.7.2

New features and improvements:

  • Data requirements
    • input file can include Russian and Japanese characters
  • Enterprise security features:
    • account invitations for SSO integrated accounts
    • simplified SAML integration – service provider certificate can be uploaded as is
    • SAML login can be initiated on Identity Provider site

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Console error when closing the property panel
  • minimum period for import through ServiceNow is set to 1 hour
  • minimum period of alerts is set to 1 hour
  • charts are displayed correctly while switching from Last period to Absolute time in Metric history
  • tags in large projects are calculated per timeline, not per sets of compressed timelines
  • the column Value in Cost analysis is no longer case-sensitive
  • training in Deadline analysis processes non-numeric timelineID

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