Timeline version 3.8.0

New features:

  • Enterprise security features:
    • Password expiration rules.
      • Account owner can configure the expiration time and how many old passwords could not be used.
    • Minimum password length
    • Security level for all users on this account (not per users anymore)
  • Bottleneck analysis:
    • Complete new design
    • Added ability to create any number of what-if scenarios
      • Each scenario contains what-if changes in Time or Costs. User may specify future (hypothetical) time and costs for each event
      • New metrics include total time and costs gains in each scenario
  • ServiceNow data import:
    • Removed time limit
    • Configurable date range
    • Incremental scheduled load
    • Maximum records limit
    • Optional use of time index on audit table

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Query:
    • Empty/non-empty operators
    • Equal/non-equal when comparing to another attribute of another event
  • ETL
    • Renaming of columns in JOIN operation
    • Tolerance to bad rows in input file – empty key fields
    • Error email contains full description of issues

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