Timeline version 4.11.*

New features:

  • Derived metric – define new metric from old metrics
    • Metric operator metric   
      Such as
      Metric A / B
  • Time filter for charts
    • Select start and end time for charts
  • Create charts from aggregated data values
  • Salesforce improvement to get data from opportunity fields
  • Export formatted dates in chart export
  • Date add - need to add duration value from data column

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Alert text isn't translated in ATL UI
  • Project Import Error
  • PM switching to AM in Alert module 
  • Cannot filter Wrong position violations of Protocol
  • When logging into an overdue account (account with resources over the limit), we eliminated the error message to non-admin users as they cannot do anything about it anyway.
  • When custom domain name is used for SSO login or IP range filtering, disable registration and login on other than the custom domain
  • Fixed Alerts module adding all timelines irrespective of the "Include timelines even if previously reported" option

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