Timeline version 4.10.*

New features:

  • new connectors
    • Alteryx connector
    • DB connector
    • SAP connector
  • Dashboard:
    • clone dashboard
    • threshold lines on charts
  • use groups from ADFS identity provider to share projects
  • central panel to manage scheduled tasks
  • delete timelines from project
  • aggregations table for Alteryx export


  • ETL
    • fixed upload report does not open after failed load-into-project operation in repository view
    • fixed delete-column operation failing after removing previously set filter
    • fixed check-date-format button in change-type operation editor
  • Dashboard
    • fixed dashboard authorization according to owner, user, dashboard_viewer_only roles
    • fixed dashboard to handle charts with % in the name
  • Misc
    • fixed misplaced tooltip in single-timeline view
    • updated 3rd party libs to add vulnerability patches
    • added a lower limit for dashboard chart size, below which only an error message is displayed
    • improved SOAP webhook error reporting
    • fixed saving/clearing breakdown dimensions in metric modals
    • fixed event cost configuration and calculation for time-based costs with lookup table
    • fixed five9 import to properly report invalid credentials
    • fixed embedding ABBYY Timeline in iframe
    • fixed dimension breakdown settings being remembered even after cleared by the user
    • failed SFTP operations are logged in repository history (if the target is a repository table)
    • send SFTP upload report email to actual repository owner

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