Timeline version 4.9.0

New features:

  • Added new languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish.
  • ETL queries are limited to 10 minutes. This can be changed on a per account basis in the admin app by editing the license limits. Note that this applies to individual operations users run in ETL, ToDo lists are not limited as a whole, only the operations in them. At the same time, the limit applies to loading the original csv file into the database.
  • Added a notifications to the JOIN operation that it may take a long time, and it will be canceled in 10 minutes (10 is replaced in the message with the actual limit in the license). It is only shown if the 2nd table has more than 1000 rows.
  • Made it possible to give the ACCOUNT_ADMIN role to multiple users in an account.
  • Embedding Timeline in an iframe requires domain to be whitelisted.
  • Enabled setting the time zone for a project when loading data from ETL. This is analogous to setting the time zone during normal upload.
  • Added a button to test the data format the user configures in the change type operation editor.
  • Remove invalid "UTF8": 0x00' characters from CSV files when loaded into ETL.
  • Added handling of alternative column separators (coma, semicolon, pipe) in csv files uploaded into ETL.
  • Improved error reporting of misconfigured charts on the dashboad and in chart editor.
  • Added string and date operators to the case statement in Derived field ETL operation.
  • Modified Replace substring operation to allow replacement of NULL or empty string values.
  • Made session timeline configurable in the account view.

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Improved handling large datasets in forecast training.
  • Fixed dashboard charts to handle cases when an event-based metric (e.g. time-interval) is to be broken down by an unrelated dimension.
  • Fixed a bug in the ‘Show timelines’ button in enlarged chart view. It failed to show the timelines behind the chart if there was no column selected. (In that case, it should show the timelines in the set the chart is based on.)
  • We changed the default mode of dashboards to ‘view’ from ‘edit’.
  • Fixed y-axis label formatting on combination charts with time based metric.
  • Fixed cost configuration when we did not accept fixed cost based on attribute (the user also had to specify a fixed zero amount).
  • Fixed relative time filtering (current quarter) in charts.
  • Updated UI framework to Angularjs 1.7.9 to apply latest vulnerability patches.
  • Added ‘Delete dimension’ button in Path details panel.
  • Fixed the interval view to keep selected range (min-max, 90%, etc) when changing dimensions.
  • Fixed the interval view to remember slider positions during page refresh.
  • Alert SMS used the profile language of the user the SMS is sent to.
  • Fixed side-by-side charts for truncated texts and we made it remember the last sort-by settings
  • Fixed breakdown view to use column alias if provided.
  • Display appropriate error message on phone-number validation screen to let the user know about malformed phone numbers.
  • Display appropriate error message when import fails due to invalid credentials or not configured API access.
  • Updated the help links to point to the new knowledge base and documentation.
  • Modified displaying dates throughout the app to use the format in the browser’s locale.
  • Fixed ETL load-into-project operation to handle timestamps with too high precision (timestamps are rounded to the seconds).
  • Fixed calendar config modal where exception days where displayed offset.
  • Added unit when displaying Total time saving or Total cost saving metrics on bottleneck view.

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