Timeline version 4.8.1

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Fixed several issues with the combination-chart:
    • Added proper time formatting to the y-axis
    • Sort x-axis alphabetically when it is a dimension (not time)
    • Fixed error message when one of the metrics is based on an empty set
    • Fixed error message when incompatible metrics and dimensions were selected
  • Formatting a chart from another project used properties of the dashboard’s project
  • Prevent the user creating charts with more than 5000 datapoints
  • Fixed rescaling the number chart when the user changes the browser size
  • Clarified classification editor, it asks for confirmation when the user tries to save the classification without saving an edited category first
  • Fixed sorting of projects, dashboards and repositories in the corresponding list views
  • Don’t send password expiration emails to users of SSO accounts
  • Send only one password-expired email to the user (not every day after expiration)
  • Fixed project import for projects with dashboards that were exported before the 4.8.0 release
  • Fixed displaying long timeline and project tags
  • Fixed project and repository locking during sftp upload
  • EULA publication dates are set to 2020.02.20 in the EU, AU and JP EULAs

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