Timeline version 4.5.0

New features:

  • New data processing / data source:
    • Big Data: ability to compress the raw data set before loading into a project
    • Data export from dashboard line charts
  • Forecasting:
    • Added Event importance – analysis of the specific contribution of each event into the forecasted outcomes
  • Default set for each project, displayed to all new users
  • Path Analysis
    • Displaying the total number of paths
  • Detailed Case (Instance) Analysis
    • Displaying event costs
  • Event Statistics/Details
    • Adding event filters from activity list
  • License management improvements and adjustments:
    • Automatic consolidation of users into an enterprise account
    • Logging and recording IP addresses of all users

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Back Office Administration:
    • Improvements and enhancements for security and control
    • Improvements and fixes in license and mail configuration for on-premise deployments
  • Business Calendars:
    • extended to Query and Workflow analysis
  • Accelerated launching of Python modules
  • Protocol Analysis:
    • violation for constrain "between"
  • Data Processing / Upload:
    • More informative upload report
    • Improved upload concurrency for better performance and upload reliability
  • Search Improvements:
    • Literal search with special characters

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