Timeline version 4.0.0

New features:

  • True real-time data processing / live data streaming:
    • Provides zero latency in monitoring and alerting to provide real time process monitoring and remediation efforts via webhooks
      • triggering alerts sms & email, and web calls as the process happens with no delay
        • As data is streamed, the application goes through the list of active alerts, testing the alert conditions for each timeline. When any timeline matches the condition, the application verifies its alert status and if it has been already reported, it is ignored. If any new timelines are found the system triggers an alert in real time.
    • Accepting data via:
      • RabbitMQ – Pluggable authentication, authorization, supports TLS and LDAP
      • HTTPS – provides for the safe and encrypted transport of sensitive data in motion
  • Data Transposition:
    • Added Transpose to operations functionality in ETL in the cloud
      • Allows users to convert a single record with multiple selected fields into multiple records
  • Deadline Forecasting:
    • Predict and forecast if a deadline is likely to be missed
    • Allows for the ability to alert staff via sms/email or avoid the missed deadline in another system by alerting via webhooks

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • License management improvements and adjustments:
    • Changes to manage account types
  • Accounts settings for authentication:
    • Added authentication setting options for administrative account type to better manage authentication for account users
      • ability to select authentication types, authentication methods, set password length requirements, expiration settings, and prohibiting the use of previous passwords

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