Timeline version 3.4.0

New features:

  • Addition of Bottleneck Analysis which identifies and visualizes the impact individual process steps have on process performance and throughput to detect the best automation and improvement candidates.
  • Change to free trial registration to make Email confirmation mandatory and block some specific email providers
  • Business calendars are applied to all time-related calculations in metrics and filters.
  • Current user’s role is displayed in the application menu.

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Link to a set of timelines, embedded into Alert message, sometimes points to an empty set.
  • Abnormal memory consumption when uploading the animated GIF instead of the plain one.
  • When opening a project while expired login, Open Dialog still appears.
  • Selected element is not highlighted properly in Protocol editor.
  • Data upload report does not include all fields from the failed rows.
  • Performance improvements in Data import for Salesforce and ServiceNow connectors.
  • Path view produces console error when switching between Schema and Sequence modes too fast.

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