How to work with PDF files in FineReader PDF 15, which are located on SharePoint


How to work with PDF files in FineReader PDF 15, which are located on SharePoint?


To work with the SharePoint files in the PDF Editor of FineReader PDF 15, the following scenarios can be used:

  1. Use the OneDrive Client for SharePoint, which will upload the PDF file locally and, after editing and saving it, synchronize it with the SharePoint file. To do this, set FineReader PDF 15 as the default PDF viewer and open the desired PDF file from the local OneDrive folder synchronized with SharePoint.
    More details about working with cloud storages are described in the article: Cloud storage.
  2. You can work with SharePoint files, when the SharePoint folders are open through File Explorer: View SharePoint files in File Explorer.
    This feature is available only in Internet Explorer 11. The Open With Explorer is not supported for other browsers. For the SharePoint folder, select View in File Explorer:

    Grant a permission:

    This will open the SharePoint folder in File Explorer:

Double-click on a PDF document to open it in the PDF Editor. Then follow the description from the article Integration with Microsoft SharePoint to work with a document.

Additional Information

How to Check In/Check Out files stored in MS SharePoint, if Internet Explorer does not work or MS Edge is used

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