How to forcefully release Concurrent license in License Manager


How to forcefully release the FineReader Concurrent license in the License Manager?


Please note that in FineReader PDF the option has been included in admx\adml files:
Period of inactivity (hrs) after which license will be lost: M – Vacates the Concurrent / Remote User license after M hours of user inactivity (setting M=0 disables this option)

Follow the steps below to release the license manually:

  1. In License Manager reserve the license, you wish to set free, for other workstation (for example, AAA).
  2. Restart ABBYY FineReader licensing service on License Server.
  3. Refresh information displayed in License Manager window (View> Refresh F5).
    License status will change to "Reserved for AAA".
  4. Undo reserve for the license.

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