How to search, capture and recognize handprinted text in FineReader Engine 12?


How to search, capture and recognize handprinted text in FineReader Engine 12?


ABBYY FineReader Engine does not currently support the automatic search for the zone with  Handprinted text.

For the recognition area with handprinted text need to provide coordinates of the area that should be considered as handprinted text.

Therefore, to recognize handprinted text area do the following:

1. Set the TextTypes property of the RecognizerParams object to TT_Handprinted.

If the digits are enclosed in a frame, box, etc., set up the type of marking around the letters in the FieldMarkingType property of the RecognizerParams object. If each digit is written in a separate cell, use also the CellsCount property to set up the number of character cells in the block.

2.  Find and copy the coordinates of the block with handprinted text in pixels

3.  Create a Region and put the coordinates of text there (replace 0 with your values)

region.AddRect(0, 0, 0, 0);

 Example of C# script that performs handprint text recognition:

// Global ABBYY FineReader Engine object
FREngine.IEngine engine;
// Open an image file
// Obtain the Layout object from the page
FREngine.ILayout layout = frPage.Layout;
// Set block region
FREngine.IRegion region = engine.CreateRegion();
region.AddRect( 491, 314, 2268, 404 );
// Create a new block
FREngine.IBlock newBlock = layout.Blocks.AddNew( FREngine.BlockTypeEnum.BT_Text, region, 0 );
FREngine.ITextBlock textBlock = newBlock.GetAsTextBlock();
// Specify the text type
textBlock.RecognizerParams.TextTypes = (int)FREngine.TextTypeEnum.TT_Handprinted;
// Specify the type of marking around the letters
textBlock.RecognizerParams.FieldMarkingType = FREngine.FieldMarkingTypeEnum.FMT_SimpleText;
// Recognition and export


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