About some features not found in FineReader PDF for Mac

Initial Release 1 of the new FineReader PDF for Mac does not contain some of the features of the previous FineReader Pro for Mac, namely: 

  • Image preprocessing tools for manual correction of document images (Image Editor) 
  • Automator support for batch processing and task automation 
  • Re-ordering recognition areas 
  • Export PDF settings: Create a separate file for each page/source file

These features will be added to FineReader PDF for Mac in later Releases. Please follow FineReader PDF for Mac Release Notes for announcements of later Releases availabilityThis article will be updated as well as the features are added back to the software.

Note: Apple М1 processor is not fully supported at the moment but in some scenarios product works correctly on M1. As soon as it is supported we'll update the information here.

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    Grant Barrett

    Thanks. This answered my question about Automator support. I am eagerly looking forward to getting my scripts back up and running with the new version of FineReader. 

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    Thank you for pointing out what is still missing.

    Image preprocessing is essential to enhance the quality of scans at least a little bit, e. g. to have white background instead of gray or to make colors a little bit more realistic. So without image preprocessing the new FineReader is not able to produce satisfactory scans and I have to use the old version in spite of some incompatibilities with Big Sur.

    Of course, a much better solution for that problem would be the possibility to define a profile (to account at least for overall deficiencies like brightness or contrast)  for each scanner that FineReader could use while it improves the scanned image automatically. I do not expect sophisticated image processing! I simply dislike things like gray backgrounds in scans of white paper.


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