Timeline - Training failed: the current dataset does not have enough timelines


Error "Training failed: the current dataset does not have enough timelines with the desired outcomes to train our model and predict property. Please try with a bigger dataset" when running Deadline analysis' training.


Timeline fails to perform the training because the training set is too small after applying all filters in the following order:

  1. Discarding the timelines that don't have events defined as start and/or end events in the deadline configuration since they don't hold information about deadline behavior;
  2. Discarding the timelines with less than 3 events before the start event in the deadline definition. This is required for the neural network to learn the pattern;
  3. Check whether there are at least 10 timelines left in the end.


Make sure there is a sufficient number of timelines in the training set by e.g. creating a set a Query tool filtering all timelines in accordance with logic described in Cause section.

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