How to work with FineReader Document created in FineReader Pro for Mac?


How to open an old FineReader Document (*.frdoc) in the new FineReader PDF for Mac?


New FineReader PDF for Mac cannot open *.frdoc files created in FineReader Pro for Mac. 

To continue working with an old *.frdoc file, please follow the instruction: 

  1. Open *.frdoc in the old FineReader Pro for Mac. 
  2. Save document's pages as images (e.g. *.png format).
  3. Create a project in the new FineReader PDF for Mac and import previously saved images. 
  4. Continue working with a document in FineReader PDF for Mac. 

Note: using this method, the settings and recognition areas will not be saved.

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    I wish you provided a migration tool instead.

    Especially that many will be unable to open the documents in the first place if they already upgraded to Big Sur.

    Not to mention losing the areas...

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    Matthias Latella

    Same for me. Please provide a migration tool.


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