"ABBYY FineReader Engine is not licensed"


When running the application, the following error message is returned:

"ABBYY FineReader Engine is not licensed"


Not all initialization parameters were set correctly.


During the initialization, the following 3 parameters play a critical role:

  • CustomerProjectID
    This property is used for all license types and should always be specified. Each license has a Customer Project ID property, which is normally shared between a set of Developer and Runtime Licenses. Customer Project ID ensures that the end-user is able to use an application only with a Runtime License that shares the Customer Project ID parameter with the Developer License used in the development of the application.

    Note: during library initialization, the list of all available licenses is searched for a Developer or Runtime License with the Customer Project ID property matching the value passed in the CustomerProjectID parameter. If no corresponding license is found, an error for the last checked license will occur. However, if 0 is passed as the value for this parameter, the necessary license can be selected later by calling the SetCurrentLicense method of the Engine object before any other library methods.

  • LicensePath
    The full file name of the Online License file. If you do not use an Online License, pass an empty string "" or a Null pointer instead.
  • LicensePassword
    The Online License password. If you do not use an Online License, pass an empty string "" or a Null pointer instead.

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