Release 8 build

Part # 1380/15, 1381/15, 1382/15, 1395/10  
Release date: 19.04.2021 

New features and improvements: 

  • Integration with FineReader PDF Mobile app to obtain document images and PDFs created on a mobile via a cloud storage. 
  • Search and Redact for PDFs by a pre-defined list of keywords at once throughout the document. 
  • Validation of DocuSign and other LTV-type digital signatures is now supported. 
  • Digital signatures that require entering a PIN to apply them (smartcards) are now supported. 
  • SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and MD5 encryption algorithms are supported for digital signatures. 
  • User-defined Time Stamp server can be used for digital signatures. 
  • Digital signature appearance can be adjusted. A user can hide or reveal the following information: reason, location, contact, date, owner information, application version; show or hide the stamp labels and borders, and use transparent background.
  • User interface improvements for digital signature related operations. 

List of the bugs fixed: 

  • Cases of lists structure (bullets, numbering, list splitting, list levels) detected incorrectly. 
  • It wasn’t possible to send a password protected PDF by email from PDF Editor. 
  • Document comparison report in DOCX format was created in landscape orientation. 
  • In PDFs with a text layer, text outside the area of Crop tool was not removed. 
  • Errors while applying and verifying digital signatures. 
  • Other program errors. 

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